Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can. You just click the button below and then follow a few simple steps in the order form. You fill in the details, make a payment either using a credit card, debit card or online banking and then wait for your order within one hour. It will be delivered in softcopy by email.


The cost is starting from RM110 including service charge. The cost for online renewal is slightly vary here because we offer fast renewal service and you will get the documents in softcopy. Plus we do offer a guarantee to retrieve or re-print your SSM certificate copy without any charge and without any limit after you succeeded to renew your SSM here. If you do it elsewhere usually you need to pay the cost of re-print every time you need it. Below is the different between renew online here compare to others.

Sorry, this website is only applicable for renewal purpose. You can register your business over the SSM counter.

In this case your business has been terminated by SSM due to it has been expired for more than a year. You can re-register your business over the SSM counter and pay the late compound.

Yes can. But please be noted that you still have to pay the compound within the given period by SSM or otherwise you will be blacklisted.

You can call us at 03-84085522 and we will help to check for you.

You will get the penalty for being late to renew you SSM starting from day 1 after the expiry date. You are subjected to pay the compound for late renewal. The first month, the compound is RM20 and then for the following months, you need to add on RM10 for each month. Your business should be not exceeding 12 months late renewal, otherwise it will be automatically terminated by SSM.

No, it is not possible. You can add any additional info for your business over the nearest SSM counter.

Yes, you can renew your SSM online first to avoid any late compound and then change the address later over the SSM counter.

No need. Sdn. Bhd./PLT company does not need any renewal.

You can pay either using a credit card, debit card or online banking.

Business info is your company’s info which includes the owner, partner, address, type of business and etc. When you first registered your business, you’ve got your certificate (borang D) and the other two pages. The other two pages are called as business info. 

This is example of official stamps and QR codes for CTC. The CTC is to ensure that the documents that are issued are guaranteed by SSM and can prevent the counterfeiting of documents by unscrupulous individuals.

You will get the documents which has been officially stamped by SSM as Certified True Copy and contains a unique QR Code for verification and ready for submission. Usually banks or goverment will require CTC for any submission.

It's actually up to you whether you need the business info or not. Usually people need the business info if they need to deal with banks or government. But you can always buy it online later if you need it and you can download right away.

No problem. The new certificate will continue from the date of expiration. We really encourage you to renew earlier to avoid late compound charges.

100% of your payment will be refunded if your SSM business certificate renewal unsuccessful.